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"Done For You" Yurbi Server Hosting (When You Need Cloud Based BI)

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Yurbi keeps your data secure on your own Microsoft Windows server. However, many small organizations are unable to maintain a Windows server. For these customers, we can provide a hosted Yurbi server, and will perform all patches and maintenance to keep everything running smoothly and securely. No matter where your data and files currently are, we can help you move them onto a "Done for You" hosted Yurbi server.

The Security of On-Premise Yurbi

Yurbi is on-premise software, which many businesses find appealing because of the security it offers by keeping all your data, behind your business firewall. With on-premise software, data is not copied to another company’s servers, or to cloud storage. Your data is never exposed with Yurbi.

When you install Yurbi on your Windows server, it is kept behind your firewall and is within your complete control. Even if your business has decided to leverage Amazon Web Services, Azure, or Rackspace, Yurbi sits in your private network.

What If My Business Wants Nothing To Do With A Windows Server?

Perhaps you don’t have a Windows server for your business yet. Many small organizations are server-less these days. There's no need to have an on-premise server. And in some cases, Microsoft just doesn't fit into your tech stack or the experience of your support team.

Here's the cool thing. Once Yurbi is installed, the entire interface is 100% web-based. So even though the backend requires a Windows server, all your users need access to use Yurbi is just a browser on any modern desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Via our "Done for You" services we can provide server hosting of Yurbi for you. You can take advantage of the ease and affordability of Yurbi, without the requirement for a Windows server. We ensure patches are kept up to date, and we keep everything running smoothly and securely. In the hosted version of Yurbi that we can provide, all server maintenance is our responsibility.

You don’t need to worry about allocating resources to manage patches and backups - we will take care of it all for you.

Will Yurbi Cloud Hosting Work For Me?

Before confirming whether or not we can host a Yurbi server for you, we need to know more information about your data and where it is currently stored.

If, for example, the data is stored in Excel and CSV files, and these files are what you will be uploading, there will be no issues with us hosting Yurbi for you. These file types and their data are easily uploaded to Yurbi even when it is hosted by us.

If you have data stored in Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL, or other databases and our hosted Yurbi server can establish a secure database connection, there's no issue with us hosting Yurbi for your organization (but we will want to test out network speeds to make sure it's a good fit).

If, however, your data is stored and secured away inside another cloud app, the data and files may only be accessible by that vendor's API. In this situation, it may be possible to use our services to set up a connector for extracting data from the API service for the reporting you need. But there are some limitations to API based reporting, so we will want to make sure you are aware of those first.

Yurbi is on-premise software that offers secure data access, installed behind your business firewall. If, however, you’re one of the many small businesses that doesn't want to purchase or maintain a Windows server, we can provide server hosting of Yurbi for you and do all of the maintenance ourselves.

Contact us to discuss more and let's see how Yurbi can "Bring Your Data to LifeⓇ"

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