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Automate Data Cleansing with "Done For You" Excel VBA Services

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Yurbi "Done For You" Excel VBA Services

Excel spreadsheets are widely used and can be incredibly complex. The more complicated the format of the spreadsheet, the more difficult and time-consuming it is to clean up the data before importing it to a reporting database so that users can do ad-hoc reporting on the data from business intelligence tools like Yurbi.

Instead of spending hours on a menial task like reformatting Excel sheets, we can help you automate the process and free up your time by creating Excel Macros leveraging VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) programming. Spend your hours on an activity that is more directly profitable, and leave the data cleansing and data importing to us.

How Will Excel VBA Help Me?

Many businesses use Excel as a common data collection point. In fact, it is one of the most widely used business applications in the world. Businesses use them to store all kinds of information and data.

These Excel spreadsheets often contain multiple sheets and complex formulas, not just raw data. Unfortunately, these elaborate spreadsheets aren’t easily converted to a database format for use by dashboard and reporting solutions like Yurbi.

In many cases, you have external vendors that send you Microsoft Excel of CSV files daily and you cannot control the format they they provide them in. Or when you export data from your Cloud software, the download has a lot of extraneous information.

Using Excel’s built-in macro capabilities, the process of converting the data into a format Yurbi can manage can be automated. This saves valuable time that would have been spent on cleansing and completing data - and it gets you to the interactive dashboards and reports your business needs faster.

How Yurbi "Done For You" Services Can Help

By leveraging the VBA programming capabilities in Excel, we can help you automate or semi-automate the process of cleansing your data. This involves removing all of the rows and columns that will not be needed in the database, leaving you with clean, raw data ready for import.

As new data is added to the spreadsheet, a macro could be run that automatically adds the data to the database. You would never need to clean up an Excel file prior to import again. Each time data was added, the database would automatically be updated, keeping your records always current.

With all of your data in one database, kept up-to-date with the latest data files from multiple sources, you can access all of your business’ information and run any report regarding your business. You would be able to leverage your data to make more informed business decisions, because all of your data would be in one central location.

Everyone who needed to generate reports or look up data would have instant access to the information they needed from this one location, rather than having to make sure they were looking at the latest Excel files. With everyone on the same page, looking at the same data and reports, business decisions could be made swiftly and confidently.

Automate the Excel Data Cleansing and Importing Process

Automating the process of cleansing and importing data can save you a huge number of hours, which can likely be better spent on something else. Increasing sales or improving customer retention are much more directly profitable than spending those hours on cleaning up spreadsheets before importing them to your database.

Nobody wants to waste valuable business hours on cleaning up Excel sheets so they can be imported to a reporting database.

Let us help you free up your time by automating this process with our Excel VBA services. Instead of wasting hours on cleansing data, focus on growing your business and leave the data cleansing and importing to us. Contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.

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