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Use Case: Self-Service BI (I Want To Create Reports Without A Tech Degree)

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Yurbi Self-Service BI

A Day In The Life of A Person With No Self-Service BI

I’d like to think I’m pretty good at my job. I’m smart. I’m a business professional, I swear! So, why don’t I look that way when I can’t figure out how to use our horrid business intelligence (BI) software solution.

Look, I’m not a rocket scientist. I shouldn’t have to learn how to manage an SQL database just to process some data. That’s filed under the “not my job category!”

I’m sick and tired of having to make the walk of shame down to the IT department to get them to help me with it, yet again. I can see the looks on their faces as they see me approaching.

“Oh no, it’s that guy again.”

I can’t say I blame them, even I’m sick of me going down there. I know that they have more than enough stuff on their plates without me piling my software incompetence on top of it all.

Sometimes I actually waste an embarrassing amount of time copying and pasting things into excel to avoid having to go down there and waste their time when I know how busy they are. Data reporting and analysis really should not be this hard.

Why Is Self-Service BI Not The Norm?

It’s not really IT’s fault honestly. Their job is to make sure that the less tech-savvy users, like myself, don’t manage to destroy our entire database by somehow hitting the wrong button.

While IT would love nothing more than to rid themselves of their babysitting duties, most solutions for this prove difficult to implement. They either offer everyone the big red button that self-destructs the entire database, gives everyone the ability to be the ultimate hacker, or no access at all.

Many self-service bi solutions are also very expensive to use or too difficult to train everyone on, and that makes them a no go.

There’s also the fact that two years ago we spent a lot of money on a previous solution that management just “wants us to use” but they can’t seem to understand that we can’t use it.

Not only is it extremely difficult to figure out but it just doesn’t collect everything we need. Our data is literally everywhere. It’s in the cloud, it’s on various spreadsheets, it’s lost in databases somewhere. Some of it’s probably on a thumb drive in the fridge next to somebody’s lunch!

Yurbi: Self-Service BI That's Affordable and Secure

If this sounds like you then don’t worry because there can be a happy ending to this story. That’s because Yurbi has designed an easy to use, affordable and secure solution to your data management woes.

Not only will your team be happy to be rid of their current BI software nightmare, but your IT department will be quick to get on board as well.

That’s because you can fine-tune your security controls with Yurbi to decide exactly who has access to the data in your databases and who they can share it with. You’ll also get detailed logs so you’ll know exactly what everyone is doing with that self-service BI access.

Yurbi is super easy to use, even for the least tech-savvy employee, because you don’t need any knowledge of SQL databases to use it. That makes training employees on the software a snap, allowing them to dedicate their time to actually doing their jobs.

Your team gets real-time access to the data they need with the ability to transform it into helpful charts and graphs, share information with their co-workers and analyze it without needing the help of the IT department to generate reports.

Yurbi also doesn’t have to function as an all in one solution either. You’re free to use Yurbi for everything or just for specific departments or applications. While other tools might try to convince you that you only need one reporting solution, Yurbi is happy to work itself into your regular business structure.

The Result

Yurbi brings your data to life and it turns that data into a tool for the people within your organization who need it the most, your business users. All of which will rejoice at not having to be “that guy” who has to bother IT just to get data access by the way.

Your organization can save time and money on IT resources by not needing to assign them to database babysitting duty and the entire business can run smoother as a result. That makes everyone happy, including your team, your customers and your boss.

Interested in learning more about Yurbi? Contact us to discuss your requirements and see how Yurbi can help you and your team to be more data efficient.

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