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Use Case: Embedded Reporting For Hosted Or On-Premise End Users

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Changing times

Cloud-based and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) have become the most commonly heard catchphrases in the software world. As the Principal Architect of my software firm, I was aware that I needed to hop on this bandwagon as soon as possible.

Business Intelligence is another concept that keeps growing. Several of my clients have been asking for better, more in-depth reporting capabilities for a while now. But, from a software perspective, embedded analytics of data is practically a complete package in itself!

Add the two together and I had a fairly mammoth task at hand.

The challenge of embedded reporting

Huge task. Software that sits on-premise and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are two entirely different beasts. For existing software with several clients using the on-premise version, moving to the cloud is a far bigger task than introducing a new software with built-in analytics in both versions.

Resource requirement. For mid-size software providers, resources are a never-ending struggle. Additional resources are required not only to integrate reporting features in the hosted version but also to migrate existing customers.

Maintain multiple versions. Not everyone is sold on the merits of hosted solutions for their software requirements. It is important to find a reporting solution that supports both, hosted and on-premise installations of the software.

Time-poor. The requirement of embedding analytics capabilities into the software makes the job harder and longer.

An option for embedded dashboards

The obvious choice to manage one of the challenges that I mentioned above was to partner with an existing business analytics tool and embed it within the software. However, it was not as easy as I thought it would be. Here are the issues that I came across when evaluating several off-the-shelf business intelligence tools:

● Far too expensive

● Don’t offer the capabilities that my customers are after

● Require specific technical skills even after embedding

● Not the right sort of security or role-based architecture

● Support for either cloud-based software only or on-premise software only

I seemed to have hit a brick wall when I came across Yurbi.

The solution for embedded reports

Software that works in both cloud and on-premise environments has one specific requirement when it comes to embedded analytics. The embedded Business Intelligence software should also work in both, hosted and on-premise environments.

Yurbi provides a unique solution that works for such hybrid applications. It can be embedded in hosted as well as on-premise applications.

Benefits of Yurbi

Easy deployment. All dashboards and reports created in the hosted environment can be packaged and deployed easily onsite. Updating the reports and dashboards is just as easy.

Small server footprint. Yurbi does not require much server space. This is important when it comes to on-site installations.

Easy to white label. Yurbi is completely built on HTML5 and Javascript. This makes it easy to re-brand or white label it to fit in with the organization’s branding guidelines.

Automated deployments. Yurbi is designed primarily designed as on-site software. So, installation on client sites is easy and deployments can be automated.

Affordable. Yurbi has several affordable licensing plans which make the management of on-premise and hosted licensing easier.

Yurbi is the perfect solution when it comes to integrating business intelligence features into hybrid software solutions that work on both, hosted and on-premise environments.

Scalable. The affordable licensing options make it an easily scalable integration even as your customer base grows.

Powerful. Yurbi provides a smart, interactive dashboard and reporting features for your customers.

Easy. Yurbi integration is easy to manage for the in-house staff.

Robust. Yurbi exposes a strong set of APIs to make it easy to integrate it into existing applications.

The conclusion

Time and cost-effective. Yurbi is easy to configure and saves time and money when configuring it for individual customers.

Seamless. Yurbi integrates seamlessly with both, on-premise and hosted applications.

Easy support. Yurbi does not require special technical skills. It is easy to support requests for new reports from customers.

Competitive advantage. Yurbi provides a competitive advantage by allowing you to integrate powerful reporting features to your cloud as well as on-site installations.

Win-win. Yurbi provides a win-win solution for any hybrid software vendor. It is feature-rich, easy to integrate and support, and affordable. So you have happy customers, happy tech-team and happy management.


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