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“Done For You” Yurbi Instructor-Led Training

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Congrats! You’ve decided to invest in a BI vendor for software, but a key factor to success is how your team can successfully enable that software. A key component of Yurb is our team of experts available to help assist with your business intelligence needs. When you need a helping hand, we have a set of “Done For You” services, where essentially, we become a virtual member of your team.

This article discusses some training and educational opportunities we provide, both for free and via our “Done For You” service engagements.

Free Tools

We believe a well-educated Yurbi user is a successful user. When you go with Yurbi, you’ll get access to a suite of free materials to help you learn about your new software. From Yurbi Academy to our Support Portal, we have many knowledge articles, how-to videos, and recorded webinars to help you navigate your way through Yurbi.

Customer Success

Of course, if you find you are stumped, you can always reach out to our expert Customer Success team. You’ll have the option of scheduling a 15- or 30-minute screen share with a Yurbi specialist. They can even accommodate different time zones.

Instructor-Led Training

While free resources are great to have on hand for review or troubleshooting, it’s always a good idea to learn about Yurbi from a Yurbi expert directly. Although everyone learns differently, learning from an instructor can be more effective than learn-on-your-own options.

If you have a more complicated org structure or a more complex Yurbi environment, instructor-led training can provide more in-depth training than the free services.

Suppose you have multiple employees who need to learn about Yurbi. In that case, an instructor can monitor how well they seem to be understanding the service and make recommendations for additional training that you may need. If your organization follows a “Train the Trainer” model, Yurbi experts can get that master trainer ready to conduct their training.

Other key details for the Instructor-Led Training

What: Our experts will follow a structured plan and offer a mix of technical explanations and hands-on experience. There will be plenty of time allotted for Q&A.

Where: We offer formal instructor-led training online, at your office, or at a neutral third-party location (so you can escape the distractions of work). No matter the location, we can record sessions so that you can access these tools at a later date.

When: We’ll work with your schedule to find a time that works for the individuals who need to be trained, keeping in mind the implementation schedule. You must know to get started using Yurbi right away.

Types of Training: As we work with you to build a custom business intelligence solution, we’ll work with you to build a custom training schedule. We can also create a customized lesson plan based on your specific needs. We have some pre-built training offerings for Agents, Builders, Architects, and Admins of Yurbi.

Become a Yurbi Expert!

Are you ready to learn all about your powerful new business intelligence services? Instructor-led training can get you and your business ready to make the most of this technology investment. The result? We will empower your Yurbi users to Bring Your Data to Life®.

Reach out to us so that we can schedule a meeting for you at your earliest convenience.

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