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Introducing Named User Licenses in DashboardFox (Making BI Even More Affordable)

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If you’re familiar with DashboardFox, you probably know that we’re proud of the fact that we offer concurrent session licensing as a pricing option. In fact, we wrote this article on it back in February touting all the benefits.

Well, we’re still pretty proud of it – we think it’s a good option, and if you agree, don’t worry – it will still be available. But we’ve learned a lot since February (hasn’t everyone?) and one of the things we discovered was that concurrent licensing doesn’t work for everyone.

We’re here for you

One thing we’ve always been proud of at DashboardFox is that we listen to our customers. And when it turned out that our customers wanted the option of a named user model, we listened, and we’re adding the option back into our pricing structure.

Why would some users prefer it? There a few reasons.

Concurrent licensing is great for large teams with several users who don’t all need to be in the system at the same time. But what about small organizations that really only need one user and would like to start at a cost lower than $1,500? We think our pricing is pretty competitive, but we can understand that.

Some organizations have users that log in for long periods, and they hog up the concurrent license. In that case it’s more efficient to give them a dedicated license.

For some, it’s hard to try to guess how many users will need to log in at the same time, and it makes the mental math tricky. It’s easier to just give them a low-cost license with a one-time fee.

Named vs. concurrent: What’s the difference?

Named User Licenses

  • Dedicated to a specific user
  • One license per user per data source (if a user needs more than one data source, a named license is needed for each data source)
  • Dedicated access: User can log in no matter how many other people are logged in.
  • Cost: $395 per user (one-time cost, no subscription) includes one public view document license

Concurrent User Licenses

  • Shared by a pool of users
  • While the user is logged in using a concurrent license, they have access to unlimited data sources
  • Number of users logged in at once is directly tied to the number of concurrent licenses. If you have three concurrent user licenses, only three people can be logged in simultaneously.
  • Cost: $1,975 per user (one-time cost, no subscription) includes five public view document licenses

Get the best of all worlds

The best part about the new expanded licensing offerings is that you don’t have to choose just one. You can combine all three types of licenses for your use case – so you can have named user licenses, concurrent user licenses and public view document licenses all under one account.

This way, if you want you can start small. You can have one named user license and use that to build out all your reports and dashboards. Then you can buy a few concurrent sessions or more named users for your team depending on your optimal use cases.

There are still no restrictions or extra costs based on the role. Any user, whether they are named or concurrent, can be an admin, an app builder, a composer, or they can use DashboardFox in a view-only role.

Find out what’s best for you

Not sure which type of license is the best fit for your organization? That’s OK too – that’s what we’re here for!

We love to help customers get to know DashboardFox. Visit our “Talk With an Expert” page and schedule a time right in the on-screen scheduler, so we can talk about your requirements.

We promise this won’t be a high-pressure sales call. If DashboardFox is not the right fit for your needs, we’ll be happy to give you a recommendation of what might be the right tool for your team – we’ve got a lot of BI knowledge and are pretty familiar with the many platforms available.

So schedule some time today so our BI experts can quickly answer your questions and see if DashboardFox is right for you or not. We’ll do a demo via screen share, and you’ll see all the features and benefits we have to offer.

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