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What do we mean by "Bring Your Data to Life?"

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You may have noticed around our website, we use the term "Bring Your Data to Life." In fact, it's even the tag line that shows on our logo.

It's been our vision since we started back in 2009, so much in fact that we actually own the trademark on the term. We probably need to highlight our little ® symbol more 😊.

So what exactly does it mean?

What we're seen and experienced from working with numerous organizations, small and large, is that through daily transactions and processes, your business is generating valuable information about how it is performing and where you could improve.

This data gets filed away in accounting systems, CRM tools, in-house built applications, and Excel spreadsheets, kept secure by your IT team, but rarely if ever is the data used to its true potential.

Bringing your data to life means being able to easily, and quickly, tap into all those data sources and integrate them to allow your users to access and build reports to help grow your business. This growth is accomplished by streamlining processes, having information available to make faster and more accurate decisions, and having a clear picture of how your business is truly performing. Using this information to improve, grow, and succeed.

Where Your Data Lives

Most businesses generate data daily. This data is valuable information created from the daily activities of the business, in each department. Operations, marketing, sales, support, manufacturing, services, accounting, and any other department your company may have is generating important information about your business, including your areas of weakness, every single day.

This wealth of information is stored in a variety of applications you’ve already purchased, such as CRM tools or accounting systems. Excel spreadsheets are a data gold mine, filled with information. Each department has their own data stores, generally kept away from other departments. This separation means that a big picture of business performance is rarely possible. Many businesses build custom applications and databases to store all of their data safely, but it often isn’t used to its true potential.

When your data is locked away in a data center and managed by IT, the main focus of your IT team is on keeping your data safe. IT wants to keep your data protected and keep your systems running. They aren't concerned with interpreting or analyzing your data.

When a user wants access to that data, often IT turns to very large and expensive Business Intelligence tools. These can take months to deploy and can consume a lot of resources - namely, money, technical resources, staff, and time - before the data is finally handed over to the user.

Unlock Your Information and Bring Your Data to Life

Yurbi helps companies of all sizes unlock their information from the various applications where it has been stored. Access that data that you have been collecting and use it to improve your business, speed up processes, and grow. Bring your data to life instead of leaving it stored away. Analyze your information to see where your business is strong and what areas need improvement. Use this knowledge to grow and become better.

Your data is still secured and protected with Yurbi, which will keep the IT team happy. They can easily operate and maintain Yurbi without needing to worry about deploying a large project or managing the resources to maintain it.

Unlock your information and Bring Your Data to Life®. Easily access and analyze the data you’ve generated daily from conducting business. Leverage that wealth of information you have available; grow your business. Let our team of experts complement your team to create reports, dashboards, and integrations that will give you valuable insights into your business. When you’re successful, we’re successful.

Start a trial of Yurbi to Bring Your Data to Life or contact us to discuss your requirements and learn more how we can help.

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