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"Done For You" Services: Partner Branded Documentation For Your White Labeled BI Solution

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Yurbi "Done For You" White Label Documentation Services

When it comes to business intelligence solutions, we know that many software companies, resellers and partners will offer you white label partnerships. It’s a great opportunity for you to mark the software with your brand, both for internal consistency and to improve the process of creating branded reports for your customers. However, many of these providers skip an important step.

They forget about documentation.

With any software solution, you’ll need documentation. If you have a branded version of Yurbi, you should also have a branded version of the documentation.

Why is Documentation Important?

Whether you go with a branded portal approach, embedded integration or seamless integration, you’ll need documentation that complements your branded services and helps your end users get the maximum value from the new reporting features.

Branded documentation is not as simple as searching and replacing company names or attaching a logo to the top of each page. Instead, branded documentation needs to be specific to your Yurbi implementation and training needs. It also needs to be able to be easily embedded in your knowledge management solutions. Branded documentation helps employees better understand the material since the document will more closely resemble the software they are learning about and using.

If you opt to handle documentation on your own, this could result in an unaccounted-for cost of having to use your training and documentation team to provide end users with the resources they need to leverage the new technology or features. If you need to rely on your own internal team to create these documents, this could considerably slow down your on-boarding process.

What’s Included in the Yurbi "Done For Your" Documentation Service?

We have spent a considerable amount of time researching how to best provide branded documentation to our white label partnerships. Our solution is a fast, easy and affordable way to provide white label and branded reports and dashboards for you and your business.

It's not just a one-time thing either. With our service, any time the product is updated, we’ll also update the documentation.

We have developed a set of tools that allow to quickly duplicate the content we create for our customers and adjust it with screenshots of your Yurbi interface. Updating the instructional text is also simple. We can provide this documentation as embeddable content that you can use in your existing knowledge tools or product inline help.

Let Us Make Things Easier for You

You, our customers, are our number one priority. Services like partner branded documentation are offered with the intention of making your adaptation of this new technology even easier. With a white label partnership, branded documentation can bring your team up to speed quickly. Don’t waste time developing this on your own. Instead, let our services team take care of it.

In no time, you’ll be empowered to Bring Your Data to Life®.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and let's see how we can partner together.

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