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How will the Yurbi Team Access My Internal Yurbi Server for Support and Services?

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Every business’ landscape is carved with its own ebbs and flows. As a business leader, you try your best to always keep your company swelling with new leads, profits and growth all around, but sometimes hitting the mark seems tough, if not outright impossible.

That’s because you are not leveraging the power hidden within the treasure chest of data your business has. Fresh, raw, untainted data that can be used to sharpen your business processes, and fuel the growth of your business.

To help you stay focused on growing your business, our "Done For You" service offerings are designed to handle the tech stuff related to creating your business intelligence infrastructure by providing a team of experts to help you with report and dashboard creation.

We do these services remotely (to save you even more money), but a common question we have is, how will the Yurbi team access my Yurbi server? Keep reading, here's the answer.

How does Yurbi Team Access Internal Yurbi Server?

At Yurbi, we protect the sanctity of your data, and shield it from dangerous hands. We work with businesses of all sizes and make it extremely easy for all our clients to do business with us.

So, how do we access your internal Yurbi server? There are a number of ways to do so.

The easiest way is simply to create a Yurbi user account and give the login credentials to one of our staff members. Since Yurbi is 100% web based, you don’t have to worry about your data being stored on someone’s computer. By sharing your login information with one of our USA-based staff member, we will be able to able to access your Yurbi application right over the internet.

Want us to troubleshoot or customize?

However, sometimes we need server level access to perform Yurbi updates, apply branding customizations, and to troubleshoot the log files. In those cases we require some type of VPN or remote access to the server.

In those cases, hopefully your IT team can provide our team access to either an existing VPN or Remote Access Service (RAS) that you use in your business or if said IT team doesn't exist, we can help you with the methods to safely open access to your Yurbi server with our staff.

Our clients have even shipped us hardware tokens (even pre-configured laptops) to leverage more complex remote access methods, but a more common scenario is to lock down our team's access to specific IP addresses (we tend to work from the same places each day, so our IP address stays the same for the most part).

Your safety is critical to us

We take every protection to eliminate the possibility of data leak, hacks or breaches. We also sign NDA’s and other necessary paperwork that your company might require before starting the contract. We also only work with, highly vetted, US-based team members.

If your company has certain stringent procedures in place to safeguard the integrity of your data, we can still work together because at Yurbi, we go the extra mile to satisfy our customers and we will tailor our processes to complement yours.

Contact us today to see how Yurbi’s business intelligence tool can accelerate the growth of your business through the power of data.


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