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5 Ways Automated Business Intelligence and Reporting Can Benefit Your Business

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Automated business intelligence is the latest trend, ladies and gentlemen.

In today's digital age, information is power. With the advent of data analytics and other business intelligence (BI) monitoring tools, companies now have access to an abundance of data that allows them to make informed decisions with confidence.

However, manual data collection and analysis can be time-consuming, prone to error, and limit the ability to make timely decisions. This is where automated BI and reporting come to the rescue.

Automated business intelligence and reporting use sophisticated software and analytical tools to automate data collection, analysis, and presentation. By automating these tasks, businesses can save hours previously spent by employees collecting and analyzing data, thereby freeing up more time to work on high-priority projects.

Let's explore the five major benefits that automated BI and reporting bring to businesses.

Increased Accuracy and Reliability in Automated Business Intelligence

One of the main advantages of automated business intelligence and reporting is that it significantly improves the accuracy and reliability of reports by reducing human error.

When humans are responsible for data collection and analysis, there is a greater likelihood of human error.

This can lead to data discrepancies, incorrect insights, and ultimately, poor decision-making. Automating the data collection and analysis process can minimize these types of errors and create more precise reports.

Yurbi connects to a multitude of databases, ODBC, and API endpoints to pull data real-time from your sources of truth. Instead of manually collecting data, Yurbi may be able to pull data directly from where you have it stored.

There are use cases, however, where manual collection is required. Yurbi can import data from Excel, Google Sheets and CSV files. It also has tools to check for errors in the data using quality checking formulas and queries.

Greater Efficiency

Automated business intelligence and reporting can help increase efficiency by freeing up employees' time to focus on more critical business needs.

By automating the labor-intensive processes of data collection and analysis, employees can dedicate their time to more critical business tasks such as managing customer needs, sales support, product development, and marketing strategies.

This allows businesses to focus more on long-term business goals aimed at growth and development rather than laboring over data.

Yurbi includes a few ways to streamline and automate business reporting. One is the email scheduler. Reports and dashboards can be scheduled to run on a user-defined timeframe to send stakeholders the info they need automatically.

Yurbi's API allows you to securely get live data from your data sources for use in other business applications or integrations. No manual download and uploading is required.

Faster Creation of Reports for Automated Business Intelligence

Automated business intelligence and reporting tools can significantly reduce the time it takes to create and deliver reports. For example, consider a sales manager who needs to generate a weekly sales report for their team.

Without automated BI and reporting, the sales manager would need to manually collect the data from various systems, compile it into a report, and then distribute it to the team members. This process could take several hours, potentially delaying the team's ability to identify and address any issues with their sales performance.

With Yurbi's automated BI and reporting tools, the sales manager can create a sales report in minutes.

With Yurbi, all your data sources are translated into a user-friendly format, in tech-speak, a semantic layer. This allows a business user to create reports across different databases or APIs without writing any code or developing any API interfaces.

From there, users can access real-time data securely, via interactive dashboards, or automatically emailed via the scheduling feature mentioned above. This can great save the organization in time and labor, by automating the report creation and distribution.

More Insights from Data

Automated business intelligence and reporting tools can help businesses gain valuable insights from their data by identifying trends and patterns that might otherwise go unnoticed.

For example, consider a retailer that wants to analyze its sales data to identify trends in customer purchasing behavior. Without automated BI and reporting, the retailer would need to manually analyze the data and create reports to identify these trends.

With Yurbi's business intelligence and reporting tools, retailers can quickly gain insights into their sales data.

With Yurbi's interactive dashboards, users can easily analyze data from various dimensions and parameters, making it possible to identify trends by visualizing important metrics across different stores, regions, and time periods.

With Yurbi's data visualizations, retailers can effortlessly delve into their data and detect patterns, like determining the top-selling products, the highest-performing stores, and regions with the most customer demand. And with a click, users can drill down into the data to slice and dice data in a data grid style view.

Yurbi makes it easy to pull datasets without coding or developing API interfaces. This allows users to export data into more advanced analysis tools like Python or R, or even an AI tool like ChatGPT to look for data insights.

Better Decision-Making

With access to timely, accurate, and relevant data, decision-makers can be confident in the decisions they make.

By automating data collection and analysis, automated business intelligence and reporting provide businesses with stronger decision-making capabilities, leading to improved business performance.

Yurbi's real-time data querying, dynamic security, and email scheduling capabilities make it easier for decision-makers to access the information they need for informed decision-making.

Yurbi's data visualization tools allow decision-makers to explore data in a meaningful way, providing insights that can drive business growth and profitability.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, automated BI and reporting are essential tools that businesses use to analyze and present data for informed decision-making. Automated BI and reporting can improve the accuracy and reliability of reports and provide real-time data to make better decisions.

It also allows employees to focus on higher-level business priorities, decrease production times, and increase efficiency. As businesses continue to turn to data and analytics to make informed decisions and drive growth, automated BI and reporting tools are becoming increasingly essential.

Why Choose Yurbi for Automated Business Intelligence?

With Yurbi, you can take advantage of a powerful BI and reporting tool that enables real-time data queries, dynamic security, automatic report scheduling and delivery, and a robust API for programmatic automation.

Yurbi has affordable pricing for small and medium businesses. They help these businesses digitize and optimize their daily operations with automated business intelligence.

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