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6 Great Free Data Visualization Tools (That You Probably Never Heard Of)

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6 Great Free Data Visualization Tools (That You Probably Never Heard Of)

We’re excited to write this blog because the featured tools are hidden gems, not mainstream BI vendor platforms like Tableau or Power BI.

Furthermore, we’re not talking about free trial periods here. No--these data visualization tools can bring you incredible value free of cost, with no strings attached.

What is Data Visualization, and Why is it So Crucial?

Raw data figures on their own don’t make that much sense to many non-specialists.

By converting those raw figures into graphs, charts, dashboards, and maps, you’re giving people a visual representation of the data.

From there, your audience can interpret the numbers in moments, picking up on trends and relationships and gaining value from the data. As such, data visualizations are crucial when creating use cases or reporting numbers to stakeholders,

Of course, there are pros and cons to data visualization like any discipline, philosophy, or method.

However, with the free tools discussed below, you’ll leverage the advantages while avoiding possible data visualization pitfalls.

Note: Be sure to check out the pros and cons of free BI tools here as well. The links below are all working as this article is being written, but by the time you’re reading this, some may have changed (or ceased!). Read to the bottom for a good option that is the next best thing to free.

6 Great Free Data Visualization Tools


In short, Zero is a board builder, using a group of blocks to compose each board.

You can build almost all dashboards with this tool, and the boards are ideal for computers and smartphones alike. Also, there’s no reliance on existing integration because users can fetch and send data by writing little scripts in simple JavaScript.

What Do You Get with the Free Package?

Zero’s free package offers unlimited public boards and blocks. Plus, three users are included.

However, unlike with the $65/month package, the free option doesn’t have unlimited private boards or password protection. Lastly, unlike with the paid subscription, you can’t add an extra user for $8 per month.


One of the main “selling points” of this free product is that - from only one document - you can visualize, clean, and present your data.

Count prides itself on ease of use. There is no need to translate overly complicated SQL scripts. Instead, SQL gets turned automatically into a visual. You can also reference your queries like tables, making them easy to digest and translate.

What Do You Get with the Free Package?

The features you’ll get with Count’s free package include GDPR compliance, chat support, one database connection, and a single-user workspace.

But, unlike the paid package, you’ll miss out on a shared workspace, unlimited viewers, and multiple databases. Furthermore, the free version lacks secure link sharing, priority support, and role-based permissions.


Just as the name suggests, nocodechart.xyz eliminates the need to know code to build charts before pasting it to your website.

Here’s a brief rundown on nocodechart’s functionality and features:

  • Build charts in 5 minutes
  • Quickly add data to the spreadsheet
  • Watch the chart change live, depending on your data
  • users can change chart colors to match your website
  • You can hide or show the title (as well as other minor details)

What Do You Get with the Free Package?

This is an entirely free tool--all the advantages discussed above (and what you’ll find on the website) are available without charge.


Without any technical support, bipp makes it possible to get real-time answers for billions of rows of data. A modern SQL editor also helps quickly generate visualizations with zero fuss.

Blipp makes it so that you aren’t waiting for days on outdated dashboards. You can instead gain insights and make decisions based on the latest data.

What Do You Get with the Free Package?

Enterprise features - such as bippLang data modeling language, Git-backed version control, and in-database analytics - don’t cost a penny.

A $10 per user/month package with a few added perks. For instance, you’ll get 50 dashboards (versus the two you’ll get on the free version). Learn more about the packages here.


Charttt’s straightforward, user-friendly API allows you to add eye-catching charts to blogs, emails, or anything else. All that’s needed is a URL.

You have nine options from polar charts to line charts, giving you plenty of variety when creating the most effective data visualizations.

What Do You Get with the Free Package?

You’ll receive unlimited charts, Charttt branding, and you won’t need to register for the free product.

Whereas paying $9.99 per month allows you to use your branding, and you’ll receive email support.


Chartbuilder is more for experienced field professionals.

There’s a need to activate a Python script, and you must understand how to download this free product. But things get simpler from that point forward, as it turns into a matter of cutting and pasting data into the tools, then generating a graphic that you can edit at your convenience.

What Do You Get with the Free Package?

Chartbuilder is entirely free without any specific paid packages available on the website.

Is DashboardFox Free?

We want you to know some bad news: DashboardFox is not free.

On the flip side, we believe that we are still better over other paid data visualization tools because, instead of following their lead and charging you an arm and a leg in recurring subscriptions, we provide DashboardFox with a one-time, perpetual payment plan, which is much better in our opinion.

Yep, you read that right. DashboardFox only charges you with a one-time payment, and that’s it. That’s the only time we will be getting anything from your bank account, and from then on, you are free to use DashboardFox as your official data visualization tool for the rest of your life.

We know that monthly subscriptions also add weight to the operating expenses, so we want to help. By charging you only once, you can spend the money that is supposed to be for your monthly subscriptions with us on other things that can make your business flourish and thrive. You can even use it to make your employees’ lives easier by treating them to company lunches.

With DashboardFox, pay once, use forever. And we mean it.

But, of course, it’s in our best interests to continue to support and enhance the product to get you to renew your optional annual maintenance fees. Again, the keyword is optional.

Aside from that, DashboardFox is also easy to use, even for those who do not have extensive knowledge of programming languages, and is also self-hosted and on-premise to keep your data secure while providing you with the best quality of data visualization that you deserve for your business.

Consider DashboardFox as your one-stop shop for data visualizations, and you don’t have to use free data visualization tools for your business.

Book a demo for free, or contact us to show how we can help your business prosper with our data visualization features.

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