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Early User Cases of ChatGPT And Business Intelligence Tools

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ChatGPT crossed the one million user mark just five days after launching and reached 100 million in January of this year.

Naturally, the rapid growth of this AI platform has resulted in questions from professionals in numerous industries — especially the business intelligence or BI field — about how it can be implemented and what the future holds.

Discover some examples of early ChatGPT adopters below, as well as some predictions for how ChatGPT might be implemented in the BI tools sector moving forward.

OpenAI and ChatGPT Basics

ChatGPT is a web-based artificial intelligence tool. It was developed by OpenAI to generate human-like responses to questions and prompts.

To use this tool, you simply type in a question or request. Then, you’ll receive a complete response (which will be unique every time, even if you ask the same question or make the same request).

ChatGPT does not receive its “training” from the open internet. Instead, it gets knowledge from an extensive database, which contains information from as recent as 2021.

To provide the humanlike responses for which it’s famous, ChatGPT uses artificial intelligence and predictive text algorithms. It sorts through a vast collection of articles, sentences, and words to generate the responses that are most likely to fit your request.

Is ChatGPT Always Accurate?

It’s important to note that ChatGPT does not always present accurate and relevant content. It may even fabricate answers altogether if it can’t find a good response to your specific question or request.

ChatGPT users should remember that the tool’s responses are developed from content created by humans, who have their own biases and do not always share correct information online.

Finally, ChatGPT collects information from 2021 and early. If you’re looking for more accurate and recent responses (or future predictions), you’re unlikely to get them from this source.

Benefits of ChatGPT for BI and Analytics Vendors

Despite its shortcomings, there are still plenty of benefits BI and analytics companies, in particular, can experience when using ChatGPT as part of their day-to-day operations. The following are some specific benefits it may offer:

Faster data processing: ChatGPT has the potential to process significant amounts of data in real-time, giving businesses accurate and up-to-date insights that can be used for faster decision-making.

Natural language reports and summaries: BI and analytics vendors can also use ChatGPT to help them create roots and summaries faster, simplifying their content so that non-technical users will understand.

Improved customer service: Users can also rely on ChatGPT to provide clear, human-like responses to clients and customers, improving their customer service strategy and bolstering the company’s overall reputation.

Put simply, BI and analytics vendors can incorporate ChatGPT into their daily processes to streamline repetitive tasks, increase efficiency, and get more done.

BI Vendors & Analytics Vendors Using AI and ChatGPT

Many organizations, including a variety of analytics and business intelligence software vendors, have started using ChatGPT as part of their business plans.

Here are some examples of vendors that have reported relying on artificial intelligence and ChatGPT for their BI software development and sales:


Microsoft has recently announced plans to incorporate ChatGPT into just about everything. This incorporation is not particularly surprising since the company has already invested $10 billion into OpenAI, ChatGPT’s creator.

Microsoft has already integrated ChatGPT into the Bing search engine, and ChatGPT functions have been enabled in Microsoft Teams, a collaborative work environment offering video calling and virtual conferencing features.

Microsoft also announced in March that it had added Copilot (an AI application based on another OpenAI tool, GPT-3.5) to other products, including Excel and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

Although Copilot hasn’t been added to PowerBI, that company’s business intelligence solution, many PowerBI users currently use ChatGPT alongside it.


ThoughtSpot is an AI-powered analytics platform. The organization recently announced that it had integrated ChatGPT into its product when it debuted ThoughtSpot Sage, a GPT-3.5-powered option that lets users “chat with their data.”

ThoughtSpot Sage uses ChatGPT in three ways:

  • Users can choose ChatGPT when using the tool’s natural language query function
  • ChatGPT can provide insights from customer data and create narratives based on those insights
  • ChatGPT can be used in the data modeling process to simplify the process of working with data

In response to ThoughtSpot’s integration of ChatGPT, Donald Farmer, the Principal at TreeHive Strategy, said that it stands out from other lightweight ChatGPT integrations on the market because it’s “more than just a cool demo.”

He also described it as “the first serious enterprise implementation” of large language model features in mainstream analytics solutions.


Sisense is a New York City-based BI software company that announced an integration with ChatGPT in January of this year. The company explained that customers could combine Sisense tools with ChatGPT for expanded data analytics solutions and automatic data sourcing from the internet.

According to Sisense CEO Amir Orad, the integration is a bridge that connects Sisense users’ accounts with ChatGPT accounts, allowing them to apply ChatGPT capabilities to the data stored in the company’s BI software.

For example, users add new fields to existing data sets more efficiently, helping them to save time and automate potentially time-consuming tasks.

Sisense has also developed a new user interface that allows users to tell ChatGPT how they want to augment datasets. Then, ChatGPT will do the heavy lifting for them.


Domo is a cloud software company specializing in business intelligence and analytics. In February, the company announced a partnership with Pramana Labs and its natural language query offering (SHIFT) to create a ChatGPT integration with Domo’s software.

Domo appears to still be in the early stages of this collaboration. However, its executives and leadership are excited about what the future holds.

The company’s global community manager, Anna Yardley, explained that Domo is working hard to explore ways to “improve the [ChatGPT] experience for Domo content creators and users.”

Pyramid Analytics

Pyramid Analytics is a BI software company with offices across the globe. In March, it introduced its integration with its “frictionless, integrated, no-code, AI-driven platform,” Decision Intelligence Platform, and OpenAI.

In a press release, Pyramid Analytics explained that it already uses AI in several ways, including the following:

  • Generating SQL, DAX, and MDX code
  • Generating Python and R code
  • Building spreadsheet formulas
  • Developing designs for content and graphics

The integration with OpenAI will offer numerous benefits to Pyramid users, including driving complex logic, data science, and machine learning code generation, enhanced storytelling capabilities, and expanded design templates.


AnswerRocket provides users with an AI-powered assistant, Max, for advanced and efficient data analysis. This Georgia-based company recently announced the adoption of ChatGPT in its latest release, allowing for conversational analytics on customers’ data.

According to AnswerRocket, this integration will allow users to explore and analyze data ten times faster. Customers can use it by connecting relevant data, chatting using natural language, and receiving helpful analysis and insights. They can also provide feedback to “train” the assistant for better answers in the future.


Tellius provides customers with AI-augmented analytics software and decision intelligence. Its latest product, Copilot, which was launched in March, uses ChatGPT to automate various business intelligence tasks, including the following:

  • Generating natural language synonyms
  • Generating SQL and Python code
  • Generating narratives that summarize insights

Tellius Copilot claims to provide users with smart assistance so they can “focus on analysis and decisions, not tedious tasks).


Salesforce offers the number one customer relationship management (CRM) platform in the world and has been quick to jump on the AI bandwagon (even before ChatGPT took over the news a few months ago). However, Salesforce has also found a way to capitalize on ChatGPT’s growing popularity.

In March, Salesforce revealed a new AI-powered development, Einstein GPT. Einstein GPT integrates with OpenAI and offers Salesforce customers a wide range of generative AI capabilities intending to help employees be more productive and improve customer experiences.

Einstein GPT combines Salesforce’s proprietary models with ChatGPT’s generative Ai technology to help customers easily generate content that adapts to constantly changing customer information and needs.

The new app also integrates with other Salesforce-owned products, including Slack, MuleSoft, and Tableau.

How Does Yurbi Plan To Use ChatGPT?

We are thrilled to announce that Yurbi plans to integrate with ChatGPT, offering our users an innovative new way to build data sets.

We plan to allow our users the flexibility of using our traditional no-code builder or leveraging ChatGPT's cutting-edge technology. Our self-hosted BI tool and semantic layer concept make Yurbi the perfect partner for ChatGPT, enabling us to offer extremely accurate SQL queries and maintain our data level and multi-tenant security.

You can follow the status of our ChatGPT integration here on our roadmap.

We can't wait to release the first version and see what other AI models we can incorporate in the future, including the possibility of auto-generated charts and dashboards. The future of data analytics is looking bright with Yurbi and ChatGPT leading the charge.

What are you waiting for? Schedule a meeting with us to see what we can bring to the table or take advantage of our free live demo sessions to see it for yourself.

With Yurbi’s very competitive yet affordable pricing points, it’s a must for small businesses that need the power of artificial intelligence in speeding up their daily operations.

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