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Mobile Business Intelligence: Top 5 Benefits (And 5 Disadvantages)

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Business intelligence, or BI, provides users and decision-makers with the correct information at the right time. It’s incredibly beneficial to have– and BI is only continuing to evolve. Business intelligence migration from the desktop to mobile devices such as the iPhone is known as mobile business intelligence.

Mobile business intelligence refers to the capacity to access analytics and data via mobile devices or tablets rather than desktop computers. The key performance indicators (KPIs) and business metric dashboard are now more clearly shown.

With the increased usage of mobile devices, so does the technology that we all rely on to simplify our lives, including business. Mobile business intelligence has helped a lot of companies. This post is essentially a guide for company owners and individuals to educate them on the advantages and disadvantages of Mobile BI.

What is Mobile Business Intelligence?

If not, business intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven method of evaluating data and generating actionable insight resources that can be utilized to make educated company choices. BI, or business intelligence, is defined as having the correct data to make the best choice at the right moment.

As a result, Mobile Business Intelligence refers to the capacity to access and analyze business intelligence data on mobile devices and tablets. It makes KPIs, business metrics, and dashboards more visible. Users may utilize and obtain the same features and capabilities in mobile BI software as in desktop or app-based BI software.

Nowadays, businesses have a wealth of data. In today's fast-paced world, everyone requires real-time data access to make data-driven choices anytime and from any location.

Every day, more companies embrace mobile apps, such as SaaS applications, for essential business activities. Whether you're a CEO, a salesperson, a digital marketer, a department manager, or an employee, mobile business intelligence may help you raise productivity, improve decision-making, and grow your company.

Top Benefits of Mobile Business Intelligence

Improved Accessibility

The most valuable benefit of mobile BI is having company insights at your fingertips. You are not restricted to a single computer in a single place; instead, you may access critical data on your mobile device anytime and anywhere. Having real-time data insights available can help you increase the overall productivity of your everyday operations.

Availability and Better Penetration

Mobile BI improves corporate communication and streamlines processes by making information more accessible, allowing faster reaction times and more efficient operations. People who previously did not utilize BI systems may now use information thanks to the availability of appropriate mobile applications for all mobile device users. As a result, businesses have a greater BI penetration rate.

Better Productivity

The organization's staff will be able to access vital corporate data whenever they need it by extending BI to mobile. Obtaining all business data with a single click frees up a substantial amount of time so that the firm may run smoothly and efficiently. A smooth and quick-running company is the outcome of increased productivity.

A Competitive Edge

Access to real-time data aids in seeing business prospects earlier, reacting quickly to changes in market conditions, and improving up-sell and cross-sell chances. When you use a mobile BI solution, you become more agile and adaptive to business changes.

Better Decision-Making Capabilities

Improved decision–making Mobile BI apps let you make better decisions faster. When choices must be made, or actions must be performed on the spot and in the moment, mobile BI delivers real-time data insights to assist users when they need it most.

The Downsides of Mobile Business Intelligence

Data Stacks Can Get Complicated

A mobile BI's main job is to store data systematically and then show it to users as needed. As a result, Mobile BI keeps all the data and ends up with a mountain of old data. The company only requires a small piece of the past data, but they must keep it all, which results in the stack.

Potential for Data Breaches

The user's primary concern is data leakage when giving data via Mobile BI. If you use Mobile BI to manage sensitive data, a single blunder can destroy and make your data public, which can be disastrous for your organization. Many Mobile BI companies are attempting to make it completely safe to protect the data of their potential customers. It's something that mobile BI providers must consider, but it's also something that we, as consumers, must consider when providing data access authorization.

Mobile Business Intelligence Gets Pretty Pricey

Mobile business intelligence may be somewhat pricey at times. Large organizations can afford costly services, while small enterprises cannot. We must also consider the rates of IT workers for the smooth operation of BI, as well as the hardware costs because the cost of mobile BI is insufficient. Larger firms, on the other hand, don't just settle for one Mobile BI vendor; they need numerous. Mobile BI is expensive even for basic business activities.

It Eats Up a Lot of Time

Businesses prefer mobile BI since it is a rapid process. Companies do not have the patience to wait for data before acting on it. Anything that can create results rapidly is vital in today's fast-paced world. Because the data from the warehouse is used to build the system, implementing BI in a business takes more than a year.

Overall Usability

Customers must consider usability regardless of distribution method. Even though familiar material is shown on a mobile browser (such as HTML5), this does not guarantee that it can be utilized intuitively. Companies and app developers should pay additional attention when developing the user interface to ensure that the app is accepted, especially in operational circumstances when personnel is unfamiliar with BI.

DashboardFox and Mobile Business Intelligence

Without a doubt, mobile business intelligence is a crucial part of every business, especially those who capitalize on mobile applications and activities done on mobile phones and other devices for their success and progress.

However, you cannot get the most out of it if you don’t have the right business intelligence tool to improve mobile BI further. That’s where DashboardFox enters the picture.

Out of the box, all the dashboards and reports created in DashboardFox are mobile-ready. DashboardFox’s interface is responsively designed, meaning it adjusts to the size of the screen. So when you launch your mobile browser on a smartphone or tablet, you get an optimized view of dashboards and reports, with no additional effort needed.

The DashboardFox mobile view is a read-only one. You can’t create new reports on a smartphone or do administration (you can get on a tablet with larger screen size). But even on a smartphone, you can access all your dashboard filters and views. You can set your filters and see data precisely as you need to.

One other benefit of our design is that you can modify the HTML/JavaScript and add your company logos and colors. Branded mobile business intelligence without writing any code.

And because it’s included, there are no mobile add-ons to buy.

Our business-friendly pricing methods and a dedicated team of BI experts willing to help you 24/7 are just the cherries on top.

This is where our sales talk ends, and our commitment to proving ourselves right begins. Reach out to us via a meeting, or book a live demo session for free to see more. We’re waiting for you.

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