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Top 9 Reasons To Embed Dashboards and Reports Early In Your Product (Rather Than Wait Too Late)

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When software vendor builds their product, they tend to focus on their primary product rather than spending precious time and resources on dashboards and reports. That is the bright path, especially if you build an MVP (minimally viable product).

But what typically happens is customers demand and expect good dashboards and reports-- so this lack of focus can cause problems. Just as well it's vital to start embedding dashboards and reports early on in a project to ensure there are no hiccups with development, white labeling, functionality, etc.

In this article, we’ll look at why startups need to start embedding their dashboards and reports early in their product timeline rather than waiting until it is too late.

Top 9 Reasons To Embed Dashboards and Reports Early In Your Product (Rather Than Wait Too Late)

1. You can attract new customers.

Better reporting and dashboard features early on in your prototype and beta versions can give you a differentiator to attract new customers. And the sooner you get new customers, the better. Clients using existing solutions and hadn't yet embraced an embedded solution might be converted, and you could get new business by upselling existing customers on the additional analytics features.

2. You can avoid costly replacements in the future.

It's better to plan and decide on the right BI partner to develop your embedded dashboards and reporting early rather than try to rip and replace one later. So many vendors find themselves in a tough spot because they went with a BI solution and found out it wasn't a good fit.

End users are used to the reports - so companies end up disrupting users by trying to replace the BI tool with a better partner and wasting lots of time and money. We wrote a guide on how to pick the right BI tool to embed, which you can read in-depth here.

3. You can accelerate your thought leadership.

Your company may accelerate thought leadership by giving your customers and your marketing team the easily consumable data visualizations and valuable insights required to produce case studies that will aid potential consumers in convincing them to buy your product.

4. You’ll enjoy faster time to insights.

By integrating BI, more users may take advantage of analytics, increasing insight accessibility for all users, independent of technical proficiency. Users that employ embedded analytics solutions have quick access to information that can aid in the making of better business choices.

Decision-makers in crucial areas of an organization can raise the alarm, assess the threat, plan remedies, and successfully alter the direction of the company's operations if they can spot "blips in the radar" in real time.

5. You can enjoy lower initial and ongoing costs.

Analytics, data visualization, and reporting are provided through embedded BI, saving time and money over building them from scratch. By reducing the time required for onboarding, learning curves, and the requirement for continuous technical personnel, embedding analytics can lower initial expenses as the software is already present in the application that end users are currently using.

As businesses consider how to develop BI and analytics, continuing costs become more critical. If the BI dashboard is straightforward, there is typically no need for maintenance, technical support, or updates. With embedded BI, data is simple to update or alter.

Scalability is essential for cost management. A cost estimate frequently overlooks the indirect expenditures you can incur and does not provide information on the overall cost of ownership (TCO). When there are just 25 users, a software offering's TCO may be cheap, but what will it be when there are 200 users?

TCO calculations can differ, but common elements include purchase, licensing, or subscription costs, the price per user and IT staff member (such as data engineers and administrators who will configure and maintain the system or application), the price of hardware, the cost of a network, and the price of other IT infrastructure, as well as training expenses.

Your BI platform's total cost of ownership (TCO) might be reduced if the platform offers per-server licensing. A per-server license excludes run-time royalties and per-user charges. You can grow and add users with embeddable BI solutions like Yurbi without being concerned about rising license costs.

6. You can seriously enhance your collaboration capabilities.

Organizations may enhance internal cooperation, which is essential given that many companies are moving to a remote business environment. The data culture develops when the organization's data channels are nurtured and safeguarded and end-users trust the organization's data. Data-driven discussions begin to take place as a result in every department and at every level of responsibility.

7. Setting everything up early is relatively easy for most.

With white-label analytics, you can integrate all the reporting and dashboard features (that your end customers require) into your application's UI and back-end architecture. Building a BI solution while attempting to expand their business may be difficult for smaller businesses.

Yurbi solves that issue and provides beginning businesses with a product they can start selling virtually right away. It can act as the starting shot or perhaps the base for a new small business. Instead of delaying its marketing efforts for months or years while developing internal software, such a firm may get started immediately.

8. You can increase productivity from the get-go.

Users can move between programs less frequently by utilizing embedded analytics. The learning curve is slight since embedded analytics are integrated into end-user applications (or non-existent). By using integrated analytics, users may focus more on essential tasks, which boosts overall productivity.

9. You can start crafting a data-focused culture.

Self-service integrated BI helped businesses save time and allow people to evaluate data on their own, even before the worldwide epidemic. A foundation may be built when concepts can be understood, assessed, and conveyed (by every business employee, from the C-suite to the mailroom). An entirely new data-driven culture may emerge and thrive.

How Yurbi Can Help

Now that we have established that embedding dashboards and reports can benefit you more, you need an effective tool to help you get the job done.

Yurbi is the one thing you need to make things happen.

With Yurbi’s embedded analytics solutions, you can use these to create interactive reports and dashboards that would allow you to send the right message across without losing any important information in the process.

Yurbi provides a complete white-label solution for embedding dashboards and reports that your users can start to use immediately. Plus, with features like in-memory dashboard caching, multi-tenant dynamic security, single-tenant dynamic data sources, and more, Yurbi has the power that you need.

For many, the best feature is our pricing, which is geared to small businesses and startups but not to back up the Brinks truck for large, established vendors. Enough of our pitch. We want you to see things with your two eyes.

Book a live demo session for free, or discuss Yurbi and your needs through a meeting. We’d be delighted to listen.

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