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What is Alteryx (And How Can It Be Used In Business Intelligence)?

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Alteryx is just one of many tools in the realm of business intelligence. The platform is a popular one that is quickly gaining popularity, especially for BI process use cases.

Alteryx could be very complementary to your existing business intelligence tech stack, though the platform does have its disadvantages.

In this guide, we’ll explain precisely what Alteryx is and how you can benefit from using this BI tool along with DashboardFox.

What is Alteryx?

Alteryx is a platform that enables organizations to swiftly and effectively solve business issues. The platform can be a vital component of a digital transformation or automation project.

Alteryx enables teams to create business intelligence processes that are more efficient, repeatable, error-free, and risk-free. Unlike many other products, Alteryx is simple to use for users who do not have a background in IT or coding knowledge. Companies that use Alteryx enjoy greater employee engagement and throughput from their analysts in every area.

Let's take a look at a more technical definition of Alteryx.

Alteryx is a software program that allows users to access, alter, analyze, and export data fast for business intelligence purposes.

Users can do this on a one-time basis, or they can do it on a recurrent basis, either daily, weekly, or monthly.

This allows you to create workflows so that they become a type of process documentation, allowing users to examine, contribute to, support, and improve the workflow they’ve created. We may use files, databases, and APIs to read and write data. This also has capabilities for predictive analytics and geospatial analysis.

Why Pick This Over Other Technologies?

If you need an all-in-one business intelligence solution, Alteryx is worth looking into. It allows you to put all of your data to work. Create a collaborative environment with data and analysis that We can share. The platform connects data, processes, and people so you can investigate more choices and make the best decisions possible.

Data processing should be streamlined.

Their users can access different processes built to scale throughout the organization to transform choices into a quick ROI. Users can quickly reduce the time it takes to get data insight from months to minutes. This could help business leaders make better judgments faster if they access relevant information.

As a business leader, it's also critical to empower your employees. Fortunately, comprehending data is no longer limited to individuals, teams, or departments. Anyone on your team can use it to process and analyze data, generate rapid results, and continue to grow, learn, and upskill with data analytics.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to using Alteryx for business intelligence, including the following:

  • With hundreds of no-code and low-code analytic building pieces that allow highly flexible and repeatable processes, analysts can prep, mix, and analyze data quicker. With data profiling and exploration, you can see how data is transformed into insights.
  • Its outstanding visual design and logical grouping of features provide a highly natural learning experience for most users, with rapid adoption and low initial learning curves.
  • It provides quick and straightforward tool setups that are clear, basic, and succinct.
  • Its software architecture assures that all of the platform’s tools operate as standalone operators in tandem with one another. When dealing with data from various sources, this harmonious tool interaction allows users to explore maximum creativity and lack of error.
  • Its flow-based coding approach creates a strong relationship with data at all stages of the development process, and the ability to separate and rejoin data streams smoothly helps users prototype and finish workflows quickly.
  • There's no need to load libraries or preprocessor directives, remember function names or parameter lists, or execute other programming jobs like memory management involving allocation, deallocation, fragmentation elimination, etc. This can help teams save much time.
  • The program runs very well. No compute node configurations or libraries are needed, and workflow compatibility increases over time.
  • Consolidating the capabilities of many tools into one platform removes the hurdles to enterprise-wide data analysis. Drive insights to more than 70 different outputs, including dashboards, papers, RPA bots, process intelligence systems, and business apps.
  • Your data workers can quickly develop predictive models using enhanced machine learning without coding or conducting difficult statistics. You can construct adequately trained algorithms ready to deploy using a guided, step-by-step, or completely automated procedure.

The Disadvantages

Alteryx does have its downsides, including the following:

  • The platform’s syntax is not very clear when noting where code is necessary.
  • Only offers cloud-based data connections.
  • It uses the AMP Engine, which is not always the most reliable.
  • It only offers a two-week free trial, which may not be enough time for teams to explore and test the efficiency and compatibility of the platforms.
  • The response time for extensive data sets can be quite long.

DashboardFox and Alteryx Could Benefit Your Business

Alteryx isn’t a perfect system, but it can be very complimentary to BI software like DashboardFox. DashboardFox is ideal as a self-hosted BI platform, especially for small businesses.

The DashboardFox architecture is codeless and intuitive so that users can create the best possible interactive dashboards and reports. Alteryx can handle sourcing the data needed to make these interactive dashboards and reports and can unlock insights in data lakes using analytics and data science.

Consider Alteryx the prep work and DashboardFox the front-facing work. You can’t organize and visualize data without having the correct data to start. DashboardFox and Alteryx work perfectly together to achieve both of these goals.

What was our guide to the pros and cons of using Alteryx for business intelligence? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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