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What Does White Label Mean? (And Why It's Essential for Embedded Analytics)

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For entrepreneurs and business owners who want to introduce solutions to common problems, one’s first instinct may be to build a solution from scratch. However, this may not always be a smart idea.

Setting up a solution from scratch can lead to an excessive number of mistakes, slow down your product’s time to market, and result in a lot of resources spent on development tools.

Many startups are opting for white-label solutions. However, not every white label solution will be ideal for your product, especially if you want to implement embedded analytics into your application. So what’s the alternative?

In this article, we’ll explore what white labeling actually is, how it can benefit (or hurt) your application, and how you can use it properly for embedded analytics.

What Does White Label Mean?

White label refers to software or tools integrated with one’s product.

For example, an entertainment application might require a chat support function for end users. Instead of the main company behind the entertainment app taking on the development of their chat solution, they will seek out the assistance of a white-label vendor that will provide chat software that they can use within their application.

Some vendors will make it possible to remove their branding, so it isn’t seen by the end-user and assumed to be the entertainment app’s tool, while other vendors will keep their branding pretty visible. (We’ll explore this in more depth later in the next few sections.)

The white-label might also be white-label, private label, or OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

Should I White Label My Embedded Analytics?

We think white labeling one’s embedded analytics is one of the smartest choices you could make for your end product and your end-users.

But are all white label BI vendors equally viable for embedded analytics? Not at all. No solution is perfect. However, there are a few key things you can look out for to ensure your white label embedded analytics vendor is right for you.

Many BI vendors won’t offer the customization you need to make your embedded analytics seamless and cohesive with your branding. And in some cases, many vendors have an extremely distinct look and feel to their widgets and BI tools, so users will be able to identify that the brand is using another brand’s software.

Embedded analytics aims to offer analytics, reporting, and dashboard experience tied directly to your original application. The benefit and major use case of embedded analytics is the lack of a need for a third-party application for your end-users. Users are looking for all-in-one solutions, and embedded analytics makes that a possibility.

However, suppose your white label product looks too much like another product or has aggressive branding within your application. In that case, that pretty much defeats the purpose of embedded analytics in the first place.

Suppose you’re going to white-label your embedded analytics. In that case, you should be very proactive about ensuring that your final vendor offers a significant level of customization that essentially eliminates all evidence of their brand from your product.

Branding is just one key element of how to choose the best embedded analytics solution for your software. For a detailed look at all the factors, check out our Embedded Analytics Buyers Guide.

Does White Labeling Embedded Analytics Deliver True Value for My Bottom Line?

Your embedded analytics solution of choice needs to be efficient, dependable, and accurate. If you opt to take on this project yourself, there is a significant chance that you will make major mistakes that will cost money and time to market-- even if you have a great development team on deck. We recommend white labeling your embedded analytics simply because it reduces your margin of error.

So does white labeling one’s embedded analytics deliver true value? It all depends on how customizable your vendor’s product is.

In the context of software startups, white labeling is the process of partnering with business intelligence vendors like Yurbi as an alternative to building your dashboards or reports. The goal is to blend in as close as possible, and you certainly don’t want your white label partner’s brand to be front and center for your customers.

The key to white labeling successfully is to look for a vendor that has a wide range of personalization and customization options to eliminate their image from your branding and final product essentially.

For example: Think of some business websites you’ve accessed in the past. Did many of them have chat support functions labeled “powered by X”? If so, that’s an example of bad white labeling. As a startup, your brand is massively important. Even if you opt for white-label options, the vendor’s branding should be as minimal as possible so that all your users see is your branding materials. This is especially the case when it comes to embedded analytics.

The Pros and Cons of White Label

There are several pros and cons to using white label embedded analytics and white labeling any aspect of your product.

The Pros of White Labelling Embedded Analytics

  • It removes the margin of error that is common with in-house software projects.
  • It’s a more common solution than building in-house.
  • There are many subscription or flat-rate options that can suit your budget.
  • You’ll enjoy access to support from the vendor.
  • It makes your embedded analytics align with your app branding.

The Cons of White Labelling Embedded Analytics

  • There are many white label vendors out there, and many of them are not high-quality.
  • You have less control over your product integration.
  • Implementation can be pricey, depending on your bottom line.

How Does Yurbi Handle White Label Embedded Analytics

White label embedded analytics sounds like rocket science to most businesses. Still, fortunately, there are a lot of business intelligence solutions that can make things easier for you in terms of embedded analytics in general. One of them is Yurbi.

Yurbi is very confident that they can help you with your white-label embedded analytics needs without negatively affecting your branding or your business in general. With Yurbi, you can use white-label embedded analytics to your advantage, helping you create reports, present data clearly, and many more.

Always remember that data is an asset that you can use to your advantage.

A few of the differentiators we focus on with Yurbi, specifically for the embedded analytics use case:

  • a self-service BI tool designed for business users (not technical staff). If your end-users are normal business users, Yurbi may be more intuitive and easy for them to understand.
  • The dashboard and report building process is similarly made for business users, so software vendors don’t require developers to build them. A product manager or customer support rep can take care of it.
  • Enterprise security that is built-in for multi-tenant and single-tenant models.
  • Full API for seamless integration.
  • It’s affordable (what good is embedded analytics software outside the cost range of what you charge your end users?).

Plus, we provide a VIP-level of service to our customers. Most BI solutions would cost you thousands of dollars but only give you their basic services. Yurbi goes all out in providing the best quality of service to customers without having to slash their wallets open.

We even offer affordable pricing options to small businesses and startups that want to use white-label embedded analytics but do not have enough budget to buy BI software to help them achieve that. This is our way of empathizing with them, as we also experienced the hardships of starting from the grassroots.

Of course, we have a lot of things to offer, but this article is not enough to do that. Do you know what’s better? Give us a call to discuss what you want to have with what you have, and schedule a live demo to see the magic unfold in front of you. Sounds like a deal? We’ll be waiting!

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