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Pros and Cons of Zoho Analytics (Straight Talk Review)

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DashboardFox - Alternative to Zoho Analytics

With Zoho Analytics, users can quickly and easily create visualizations and dashboards to showcase their data. Through considerable automation efforts in multiple dimensions of the analytical process, it provides on-demand insight and analysis of an organization's business data without needing IT to help or data analysts.

So is this BI platform all it’s cracked up to be?

Let's take a look at some pros and cons.

What is Zoho Analytics?

Zoho Analytics is a powerful business intelligence tool that may assist broad organizational teams in analyzing vital company data and creating informative dashboards for better decision-making. This program allows business teams of all sizes to produce entire reports in a short amount of time without requiring IT help. Zia, a clever yet simple-to-use assistant that employs machine learning, artificial intelligence, and language processing technologies, is also included.

Businesses and organizations will be able to use Zia to integrate analytics into their strategy and get solutions through crucial performance indicator widgets and reports, allowing them to improve their services even more. Users may also utilize Zoho Analytics to do various analytical operations, such as combining data, crunching large datasets, and visualizing results in graphs to reveal trustworthy business insights.

The Pros and Cons of Zoho Analytics

The Pros of Zoho Analytics

  • The data visualization in Zoho Analytics is excellent. It is a business intelligence software that enables users to create intelligent and usable dashboards and obtain essential data. The program also provides business teams with a comprehensive collection of visualization tools to help them detect organizational trends and patterns. Business teams may make rapid and effective choices using this visual approach, improving the bottom line even more.
  • Thanks to its user-friendly intelligent assistant Zia, Zoho Analytics additionally centralizes data collection Businesses may establish a 360-degree perspective of their firm by simplifying data collection, allowing you to answer questions about the financial state, operational efficiency, and client behavior. In addition to everything else, Zoho Analytics makes complex procedures like feed computation, data splitting, cleaning, formatting, and merging easier, resulting in increased productivity.
  • Zoho Analytics allows business teams to collaborate by giving executives fine-grained control over the data that colleagues and clients can see and update. Users with access can write detailed reports, embed them on websites, or email them to other colleagues for cooperation. Peers can add annotations and photographs to reports, as well as build comment threads to help them communicate more effectively.
  • To get relevant information, users may develop intelligent, helpful dashboards. Provides an extensive collection of visualization kinds that is regularly updated. Employees may combine various reports into a single dashboard to see broader data patterns.
  • It is simple to obtain information about a company's operations. With geo-visualizations that allow comparison across and across regions, users may gain in-depth, actionable overviews of operations spanning from sales, finance, and marketing to resource management and geographic activities.
  • Users can conduct extensive research. Managers may utilize advanced tools like pre-built equations and functions to find business KPIs and intelligent forecasting to predict future outcomes to conduct deep analytical inquiries that improve their business intelligence.
  • The collaboration tools are adequate. Managers may have fine-grained control over what customers and colleagues can view and alter. Users with access can collaborate on reports by publishing them, embedding them on websites, or sharing them through email. Peers can contribute photographs and notes to reports and form discussion threads.
  • The software's analytical capabilities may be integrated with other solutions such as CRM platforms, ERP systems, etc. A consistent user experience across platforms offers easy integration and a wholly rebranded user portal.
  • It is pretty adaptive. The modular, scalable architecture of the platform makes it simple to develop and integrate analytics into any size application. It uses scalable columnar database technology to scale up to businesses with vast volumes of data.

The Cons of Zoho Analytics

  • Many online reviewers have noted that Zoho Analytics' customer support is lacking, which can be quite a problem for a BI tool.
  • Many online reviews have expressed dissatisfaction with the documentation and assistance videos, claiming that they are frequently unclear and overly technical.
  • It can be challenging to integrate this platform for white label/embedded use cases.
  • Zoho is cloud-based BI, which may be desirable for many, but not others. If data and consumer privacy are critical to you, there are a lot of compliance regulations to consider when leveraging cloud-based solutions.
  • The subscription cost is per person rather than per group of 5–10 users, which might be inconvenient for firms with several employees or more prominent organizations.
  • Many experienced BI users expect Zoho Analytics to have robust accounting features and calendar views, which it does not.
  • Online reviews indicated the mobile app is inadequate.

Bottom Line: Is Zoho Analytics Worth It?

In the end, as with most things, it comes down to what you need. Many happy users of Zoho Analytics and others find the platform isn't the right fit.

DashboardFox offers an alternative to Zoho Analytics.

DashboardFox has a non-subscription based pricing model and is a self-hosted BI solution. DashboardFox addresses many of the reasons why many organizations decide Zoho isn’t the right fit.

How Can DashboardFox Help?

There are four main areas: accessible use, data security, customer service, and pricing.

Ease of Use. DashboardFox is designed for business users. No technical pedigree is required to build reports or dashboards. The no-code report building environment makes it simple to do basic and complex reports and visualizations.

Security. We mentioned that DashboardFox is self-hosted/on-premise deployed software. That means you control the infrastructure and don't worry about exposing critical data to 3rd party vendors. DashboardFox also includes robust multi-department/tenant data security and power features such as role-based security, 2-Factor Authentication, and more.

Customer Service. Perhaps the biggest reason, our team acts as a virtual extension to your team to ensure you're successful with DashboardFox and your business reporting goals. With our support, you work directly with DashboardFox experts, not with a Tier 1 support agent collecting information before solving your issue.

Pricing. Add to that our one-time pricing model, and you've got the best tool in your tech stack in the bag.

Reach out to us by booking a meeting or seeing how we transform your business intelligence gaming into action through our free live demo sessions. We'll be waiting!

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